Proper Nutrition for Weight Loss

By | June 20, 2012

Proper nutrition for weight loss is an important part of your daily diet to insure you lose weight in a healthy way which is why Medifast is so popular. Medifast puts the nutrition in the right place. Unhealthy eating while trying to lose weight can lead to serious illness or even certain eating disorders.

Many dieters starve their bodies of nutrients while restricting calories with the belief that this will ultimately help them lose weight. This has been shown not to be the case, actually, starving the body of essential nutrients is essentially anorexia and once you start eating again can lead to weight gain. This is due to the body thinking it is starving, and it will ultimately lower your metabolism.

What does this mean? You will need to eat even fewer calories to lose weight, and at the opposite end, it will take fewer calories to put on weight. This is what the experts call yo-yo dieting. Every time a person diets improperly, they will lose weight at first, but eventually they will put the weight back on and more.

So what are the right foods to eat when dieting to lose weight? Using Medifast coupons is a great start but here are a few suggestions to help you reach an ideal weight and maintain a healthy body. Remember these are just suggestions, and before starting any diet plan, you should consult your primary care giver before making any drastic changes to your diet.

• Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. Instead, reaching for chocolate or other sweets, grab a piece of fruit. They not only help with weight control, but they provide the body with essential nutrients, and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases as well as some cancers.

• Eat more whole grains, they are just as important to weight loss and management. Whole grains also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, high-blood pressure, and diabetes. Whole grains are rich in fiber which will decrease your appetite by making you feel fuller longer.

• Water is important to a body in order for it to function properly and will help with weight loss. Eight glasses a day is recommended to flush out impurities and produce that full felling. Distilled water is recommended due to the impurities being removed during the purification process.

Foods to avoid:

• Fried foods: Broil or grill your meats.
• Fast foods: Order a salad instead of a burger and fries.
• Alcohol and soda: no alcohol at all and soda is loaded with sodium which could lead to water retention.
• Sweets: Like we said earlier, have a piece of fruit, it will cure your sweet tooth.
• Canned fruits or vegetables: Canned fruits have added sugars, and canned vegetables are also loaded with sodium.

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