The Importance of Warm up Exercises for the First Time Exerciser

By | October 27, 2012

The Importance of Warm up Exercises for the First Time Exerciser
Doing warm up exercises before your workout routine is not only for first time exercisers but also for seasoned and professional athletes. The value of warm up exercises is often under estimated. They help fuel the blood flow into the muscles that will be used causing decreased stiffness and possible injury that could occur because of the exercise program.

The primary purpose of warm up exercises is to warm up the temperature of the body’s muscles in order to get them pliable, supple and loose. There are also many other benefits for doing warm up exercises such as increased strength and speed, reduction of the risk for injury, lowers heart stress, helps inhibit the chance of overheating, and improves endurance and joint range of motion. Additional benefits include better hormonal balance which will achieve better energy production and also helps in relaxation and concentration for later in the day.

Standard warm up exercises for first time exercisers could include stretches and lunges, small squats, twisting from the waist using the arms outstretched, bends with arms above and bending to each side and also bending at the waist forward to touch the floor with your fingers, arm circles and jogging in place.

Many people find that doing some of their normal exercise first, stopping to do some stretches, then continue on with their normal exercises is more helpful preventing tears, pulls and other injuries from stretching cold muscles. Another notion of many is to just gradually work into your workout routine, such as walking slowly, adding speed after five minutes, then after another five minutes work into a jog. When finished, then do more stretching exercises.

A successful warm up should increase both your respiratory rate and your heart rate. The warm up will increase your blood flow, which will then intensify the oxygen delivery and nutrients to the muscles that are in use. This will ready the muscles, joints and tendons for the upcoming exercise you are planning on doing.

Each individual will eventually find the warm up routine that best fits their individual needs. Depending on the exercise you are planning on doing, there may be a specific warm up routine that is more ideal

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