Diet vs. Exercise: Which is More Important?

By | June 16, 2012

There are many debates about whether diet or exercise is more important. And it all really boils down to your age and current condition. If you’re young and still growing, then your diet doesn’t matter too much. However, hormonal and medical conditions can play a giant role in weight gain. Ideally, they should both get equal respect from a dieter. Ultimately, the diet becomes a more important factor for most people.

Common sense tells us that a high fat and calorie diet can nullify any weight loss exercise plan so if you are eating in access to what you are burning, then you will probably never lose weight unless you have an ultra-high metabolism. It’s also natural for people to eat more after a workout when your body is looking to replace the calories that it just burned off. This is the time when you want to feed your body the right foods instead of filling it with junk foods that are all too common these days.

With a propper diet one can lose weight and gain health benefits without a rigorous exercise regiment. Just look at the success that the Medifast diet has had, especially with their popular Medifast coupons that save you so much money. Since 3,500 calories equals a pound of fat, a few hundred calories less a day will equal a pound lost every 10 days. This results in roughly 3 pounds of fat lost per month. Essentially, it takes more physical discipline to exercise this equivalent while not over eating.

There is another very important aspect to this: people who depend solely on exercise plans tend to fluctuate and regain the weight they lost. This is known as “yo-yo dieting” in some circles. These few things can really throw an exercise regiment for a loop: illness, injury, and shifting work schedules. A person who has successfully adapted to a new diet will be able to stay the course much easier. They will also have a better time maintaining good health and keeping the weight off.

A proper diet isn’t just about weight loss. People who want to gain muscle weight have to create a new diet as well. And without the proper amount of protein and vitamins, people can work out like maniacs and never get their desired results. This is another case where a change in your diet, definitely, takes priority for the exercise plan to even work. Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, your modified diet should be the first implemented step in your plan.

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