Best Exercises For 6 Pack Abs

By | June 7, 2012

As much as exercise is needed to get 6 pack abs, you will also need to keep a constant diet and don’t keep changing. It is also important to eat the right food and enough food before exercising. If you don’t you will be sick and could faint. So make sure you eat enough protein.

Well if your looking to get a 6 pack the best thing to do is abdominal crunches. To do these you lie down, lift your legs about 6 inches off the ground, make sure they are together, then you lift your body up like you would for a sit up. Make sure you keep your legs in the same place and keep them together. When you first do this you should try to only do about 10. When you get used to them you can stretch to 20. When you have done these and you can do 20 easily, move to 50. Make sure you don’t do too many at one time. If your not careful you could stretch your stomach and it will be extremely painful.

Before you start doing any exercise on for stomach, make sure you have a flat stomach. You need proper nutrition to keep a flat stomach so stick to the diet if to lose weight if you need to. If you start exercising with fat on your stomach you could just be reinforcing the fat which will make it harder to get a six pack. this is only one way of getting a six pack, there are plenty more available if you look around. This is for people who cant get access to gym equipment, or who just want to do it in there own home.

When trying to get a six pack, try not to revert to sit ups as an alternative. If you can get to a gym I recommend that you try to use it. If you do start doing sit ups again, you will not be helping yourself, if anything you are only putting more strain on your back. This will just make your body want to stop and you will find it harder to keep up.

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