Benefits of Using Whey Protein for Fitness Training

By | November 7, 2012

Whey protein is used by bodybuilders for lean muscle growth. Whey protein is commonly used as a dietary supplement. There are many benefits of using whey protein for fitness training. Using whey protein can be essential for improving your lifestyle. Whey protein contains all of the essential amino acids that your body needs to digest.

Helps repair bones, muscles and body cells

Whey protein is enriched with a natural source of amino acids, which are essential for having an active lifestyle. Your body requires high amounts of amino acids before, during and after fitness training because your amino acids are in high demand in your body. Low levels of BCAA are associated with fatigue and it should be replaced in less than an hour. This is why protein shakes are so popular. According to a 2009 study conducted by McMaster University in Canada, test subjects who took whey protein were more likely to have more muscle growth and muscle repair than does who did not take whey protein. The subjects saw an increase of 122 percent of protein synthesis.

Whey protein possesses anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory relief

Whey protein has been given to rodents as a way to test out the proteins properties and preclinical studies haves show that whey protein can reduce tumor cells. Humans have not been tested, but this type of research on rodents is one of the first steps of finding anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer relief.

Helps fitness trainer lose weight

Add whey protein to you diet could help you lose weight. Whey protein is a key ingredient for many meal replacement and weight loss products because it has low carbohydrates and low fat content. Patients were tested in the Minnesota Applied Research Center for twelve weeks. The patients had to cut out 500 calories a day. The patients who consumed the whey protein would drink protein shakes twenty minutes before having breakfast and twenty minutes before having dinner.

The patients lost a significant amount of body fat than the patients that did not consume protein shakes. Other medical studies that were conducted have found that patients who increased their exercise and added protein enriched foods into their diet naturally burned more calories a day and increased their metabolism. In addition, whey protein helps manages your weight by stopping your hunger by giving your body the impression that it does not need anymore food, e.g. a full stomach.

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